About Us

All Hoses Are Not Created Equal! 

Applicator Systems has established itself as a prime source for high quality heated hoses. We manufacture hoses that are compatible with most hot melt systems on the market today. We also specialize in custom hoses, designed and built to meet specific requirements.

These hoses are electrically heated for operation to 500°F (260°C). They are lightweight and flexible and can be operated in continuous movement conditions. They are fully insulated to minimize heat loss. Our hoses are available in diameters from 3/16" up and in any length. When required, hoses can be designed to withstand extremely high pressures. We supply each hose complete and ready to install with a temperature controller or an existing control unit.

Applicator Systems maintains an extensive inventory of the most popular heated hoses used with the most common hot melt applicators.

If you need a hose that's not on our price list, please contact the factory for pricing and delivery information.

At times we may need to see an old hose to verify its construction, so that we can be sure to provide all the electrical connections, temperature sensors, and fittings that are compatible with your hot melt supply unit.

We will provide a new part number for your records and correlate that number back to the OEM's part number and description. This will assure proper installation and use, as well as convenient re-ordering.