Automatic Applications


Automatic Hose for Nordson RTD System

Automatic Hose for Nordson RTD System

Automatic hose with Nordson-style H202LP for Thermostat Unit

Handgun Applications

RTD and Thermostat Styles Available 

Applicator Systems handgun hoses are built to last, and can be used for a wide variety of applications.  Applications include:


  • Woodworking
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Foam Applications
  • Manual Box Sealing
  • Case Sealing
  • Various Packaging Applications

Slautterback-style Handgun Hose with L4 Handgun
Slautterback-style Handgun Hose with L4 Handgun

Butyl Applications

Flexible and Durable Design for Sealant Applications 

Applicator Systems butyl hot melt hoses are designed primarily for insulated door and window product assembly.  

Both handgun and automatic hoses are available for these applications.  

We offer replacement hoses for many popular butyl units including 55-gallon drum unloaders or 5-gallon pail unloaders.



Axco AX96 shown with 8' Hose and L2 Butyl Sealant Handgun

Axco AX96 shown with 8' Hose and L2 Butyl Sealant Handgun

Specialty Applications



Applicator Systems has the capability to create a heated hose for practically any application. For example, we have made custom hoses for the following applications:


  • Chemical Liquid Transfer
  • Drum Unloading
  • Freeze Protection
  • Gas Sampling Hoses
  • Heated Cosmetics Transfer
  • Heated Liquid Transfer
  • Injection Molding
  • Pail Unloading
  • Petro-Chemical & Plastics
  • Railroad Tie Sealing
  • Road Marking
  • Robotics - XYZ
  • Wax & Candle Transfer
  • Weldable Sealants for the Auto Industry


Hi-star XYZ Automation

Custom Road Marking Application

Railroad Tie Plugger